Homework for 1209 (fanti)


Homework for 1209
迎來到中國人的神秘世界:這裏有長生不老的神仙(shen2xian1; immortals);也有幻化成人(huan4 hua4 cheng2 ren2; metamorphosis)的山精水怪(shan1 jing1 shui3 guai4 ;monsters from the wilderness)
瞭解中國人對這類超自然現象的態度,有助於瞭解中國人在言談中的各種指涉(zhi3 she4;

首先請先查閱一下下列的資料:(please click on the following hyperlinks to visit interesting pages)
中國神話 Chinese Mythology

漢代作品列仙傳 Liexian Zhuan one interesting story in this page) more on Liexian Zhuan
晉代作品神仙傳 Biography of Immortals) 搜神記 In Search of the Supernatural)
明代作品封神演義 The Creation of Gods
清代作品聊齋志異 Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (more resources on 聊齋(fanti)/聊齋(jianti)

西遊記 Journey to the West
白蛇傳 Legend of White Snake

Your task is: after visiting one of the suggested web pages,
1. interview a native speaker,
2. ask his or her views on supernatural beings,
3. ask if he believes ghosts and immortals.

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