Homework for 1209


Homework for 1209
迎来到中国人的神秘世界:这里有长生不老的神仙(shen2xian1; immortals);也有幻化成人(huan4 hua4 cheng2 ren2; metamorphosis)的山精水怪(shan1 jing1 shui3 guai4 ;monsters from the wilderness)
了解中国人对这类超自然现象的态度,有助于了解中国人在言谈中的各种指涉(zhi3 she4;

首先请先查阅一下下列的资料:(please click on the following hyperlinks to visit interesting pages)
中国神话 Chinese Mythology

汉代作品:列仙传 Liexian Zhuan one interesting story in this page) more on Liexian Zhuan
晋代作品:神仙传 Biography of Immortals) 搜神记 In Search of the Supernatural)
明代作品:封神演义 The Creation of Gods
清代作品:聊斋志异 Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (more resources on 聊斋(fanti)/聊斋(jianti)

西游记 Journey to the West
白蛇传 Legend of White Snake

Your task is: after visiting one of the suggested web pages,
1. interview a native speaker,
2. ask his or her views on supernatural beings,
3. ask if he believes ghosts and immortals.

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